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SKU: Automatic_Robotic_Screw_Locking_Machine BRAND: THE ASCOMP INC

Description of  Automatic_Robotic_Screw_Locking_Machine :

  • High precision
  • The special design ensures the stableness during locking the screw
  • With strong adsorption power
  • Can accurately Locking each of the screws

Technical Description of Automatic_Robotic_Screw_Locking_Machine :

  • X/Y/Z working range:300*400*500mm
  • XY/Z Maximum Load:10/5kg
  • XY/Z Speed:800/350 mm/Axis
  • Repetitiv accuracy: ±0.02mm/Axis
  • Edit Programming: Handheld Programmer
  • Data memory capacity:999 programs
  • Patterns: Dots, Line, Potting, Filling,
  • Encapsulation, Sealing, Coating, Jetting
  • Drive System: Precision micro-stepper motor